Schools Resilience Training

Professionally Developed Crisis Management and Resilience Training for the Education Sector

Developing the capacity in people to keep skills immediately accessible when under pressure is not always straightforward.  We have created a unique approach that works. We combine training and exercising to give your people the best possible preparation, all supported by theatre based logistics that enable truly immersive experiences.  Our exercises are designed and staged to work in your school with your emergency plan.  We provide highly interactive live scenarios with roleplay, injects, film clips and TV breaking news stories, social and print media posts drilling and exercising a wide variety of potential risks and all facilitated by an experienced Gold Command trainer. Some of the leading independent schools in the world have used CrisisCast to reassure themselves that the critical incident plan they have in place is adequate, to exercise their management teams in key responses.  The added value of a learning experience that builds confidence and strengthens ties within the Incident Response Team – or any school team – is proving to be of major added value to clients. All of our school scenarios build towards an exciting press conference with lights, cameras and hostile reporters. In a crisis revert to training …

Stress Resilience Training for Business

We aim to challenge learners by placing them in the centre of well designed, real world, action packed scenarios and then taking them back to the classroom to explore the learning issues that emerge. Combining theory and activity will help them to understand their own behaviours and the behaviours of others: We explore ‘practice through theory’ and also test ‘theory in practice’. The course can be delivered in its entirety as a two day event at our venue, where accommodation is comfortable and economical. Or it can be delivered module by module in individual four hour sessions at your headquarters and can be scheduled to fit well with your annual training agenda and training budgets.