Schools’ Resilience Training

Professionally Developed Crisis Management and Resilience Training for the Education Sector

It can be hard to keep your head in a crisis – but it’s crucial to the success of any organisation that staff retain their skills when under pressure. Combining theory and activity in a simulated critical management exercise will help your people to understand their own stress behaviours and how to manage the behaviours of others. Exercising the critical incident plan you have in place will provide reassurance that it is fit for purpose and, just as importantly, will build confidence, improve communications and enable effective, collaborative behaviour within your Incident Response Team.

We create highly immersive, experiential settings that provide a Critical Incident Management ‘Gym’ that your team can use to give themselves a real workout of an exercise. We use a narrative, theatre-based methodology that switches back and forth between live role play (with our psychologically briefed actor-facilitators), filmed injects (including TV breaking news stories) and social and print media posts, with the breathless realism of an evolving critical incident. Your team can push themselves as far and as fast as they feel they want to go – all within the safe learning environment of a professionally controlled facilitated by an experienced Gold Command trainer.

Our exercises are designed and staged to work in your school or college with your emergency plan. Our courses are designed to be delivered at your school and can be scheduled to fit in with your annual training agenda and training budgets.

In a crisis…revert to training.