CrisisCast provides airports around the world with live training exercises and dramatised, immersive scenarios to test their emergency response for CAA and EASA certification and compliance.

We also supply penetration testing events for airport and airfield buildings, MTFA/MTA simulations and a variety of scientifically scripted behavioural scenarios for CCTV ops rooms and Border Force checkpoints.

One of our main drivers currently is the testing of interagency operability during a major airfield incident.  Health and safety are primary to our success and we carry out individual risk assessments for every event. Our delivery includes design, scripting, casting, set build, props, film grade pyrotechnics, trauma prosthetics and make-up, a cast of over 50 psychologically trained amputees role players and psychologically trained actors (some security cleared), a film crew with OB unit and our own fuselage. We employ aviation security subject matter experts to ensure accuracy in all our scenarios. As part of an international film production company we have a rapid response capability in the UK with a 7-day lead time; and with offices in Australia, and a presence in South America and South Africa, we can set up and produce highly realistic and informed incidents around the world, resourcing local suppliers, performers and aircraft within 21 days of being instructed. As a strategic partner in all our deliveries we expect to attend planning meetings with the relevant agencies and airport departments in order to ensure our exercises address the specific needs and protocols of each individual aerodrome. Our main objective is to relieve the airport authority of a large part of the enormous demand on operational resource that planning and executing these mandatory exercises requires. Let us help – get in touch here.