Casualty Simulation

What we do

CRISISCAST adds intense realism to Casualty Simulation (CAS SIM) training for both military and civilian needs.  We provide professionally trained  amputee actors and film grade makeup specialists.  CrisisCast amputee actors have many years of experience in hyper-real, immersive training for key learning outputs and are regularly featured in film and television productions.

‘The British Army has long recognised the importance delivering realism in training. Amputees have provided an essential ‘edge’ to the preparation of soldiers deploying on dangerous missions. The Army’s experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan frequently proved the value of these experiences in medical scenarios. Soldiers felt better prepared to deal with trauma, especially when under the pressures that come from being at the same time in contact with the enemy. This important contribution to the Moral component of fighting power enabled the Army’s men and women to perform confidently and effectively even in the harshest of situations, and to both save life and improve medical outcomes for those unfortunate enough to have been injured.’

Brigadier (Retd) Ben Edwards

Utilizing the unique combination of our realistic prosthetics and expert CAS SIM effects, our role players will expertly and appropriately use their skills, experiences and simulated injuries to mimic the emotions and actions of a casualty, resulting in realistic and very definitive clinical training delivery. We call this realistic simulation.

Our actors are experienced in ad-libbing and improvising during the scenario, reacting to their simulated injuries (both visually obvious and any injuries hidden under clothing), the quality of treatments administered and to meet all of the training objectives required, including reacting to subtle prompts by training instructors and directing staff.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, which is why we always work precisely to your exact training requirements.

The roles that our actors are required to play vary from military casualties injured in a battlefield environment (including live firing exercises), a civilian injured in a road traffic accident, to a patient in a hospital bed undergoing care for a variety of both physical and mental health issues.  Our team is adaptable and experienced to perform any role in any given situation.

Working in partnership with the British Army we are proving a revolutionary training concept that validates a merger between technology and humanity which is already changing how military judgement and empathy are practiced.


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