Security and Policing 2016

Posted on Friday, March 18th, 2016

SP16 Embassy Stand_layout_3At this year’s invitation-only Security and Policing show, CrisisCast worked closely with the Security Liaison Unit from the Metropolitan Police, Parliamentary and Diplomatic Protection and the Home Office to conceive, design, plan, script and build a fully immersive, fictional mock embassy staffed by our actor ambassadors and populated with the very best of British technology and capabilities.

The UK security industry has a proud history of providing training, equipment and technology both at home and overseas, in protecting embassies, high commissions, consular sections and official residences.  Visitors and delegations were able to see for themselves the many different elements of security afforded to protecting such sites, and throughout the day, a number of CrisisCast live scenario situations took place to help visitors visualise how the technology functions to ensure the UK Security Industry can contribute to an effective, resilient response.

CrisisCast was deeply honoured to take a leading role in the delivery of this exciting new addition to a globally recognised event.