Ebola: Sierra Leone orphans

Posted on Friday, August 21st, 2015

CrisisCast recently supplied specially trianed crew to Needs Must Film, an extraordinary company dedicated to making compelling, world-class,human-interest films that leave behind a legacy of positive, sustainable, social change. We are proud to be standing alongside NMF in their radical and innovative corner of the film industry, as they use social enterprise skills to bring about real-life change on the ground.

Ebola, amongst other pandemic threats, continues to present its unique challenge to humanity.  There are many out there well qualified to address that threat.  In this instance it was the crisis faced by those children orphaned – of parents, aunts, brothers and sisters – almost overnight, that led us to look at the human side of crisis management.

What emerged from the experience with a conviction that the effects on a small human being of confronting the overwhelming threat of anihilation is not that different to the effect on a first responder of a suicide attack.  It’s just a good deal clearer.